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 Version: 0.99
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This is the CARME FAQ

Here you will find answers to specific problems you may encounter while using CARME-IDE.
You might also want to read our Tutorials to get up and running before searching the FAQ.


Operating System

Q1: Which OS works with the CARME-IDE?

A1: The CARME IDE is based on Eclipse which is ported for many OS. But there are some required plugins limiting the compatibility of the IDE. The actual situation is listed below:

Windows 7 tested with Windows 7 Professional (32-bit and 64-bit version)
Win Vista tested with Windows Vista Home Premium (32-bit version)
Win XP tested with Windows Vista Home Premium (32-bit version)
Linux tested with Ubuntu 9.04, 9.10 and 10.04 (32-bit and 64-bit version)
Mac OS USB Driver is missing

Q2: How can i install the CARME-IDE on Ubuntu 9.10 or newer?

1. Install the xulrunner:
sudo apt-get install xulrunner

2. Add this line to the crameide.ini file:

Error Messages

In the majority of cases an error occurs when you start a debugger session. If an error occurs it is always a good idea to unplug the usb connection and then to plug it in again. This resets the debugger.

Q3: If I want to launch a debugging session and then the following message appears on the screen. What’s wrong?

[language error]

A3: The debugger wasn’t able to connect to the CARME-Kit. This occures because of a slow network connection or because of weak Computer performance. You can set the timeout- (default 5s) to a higher value to solve the problem (red box in the picture below).

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Q4: If I want to launch a program the following error message appears. I was able to launch a session before. What happened?

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A4: The arm-elf-gcc - debugger is not responding and you will have to stop it manually. Press Crtl-Alt-Del, click on „Task Manager“ and now choose the tab „processes“. Select the process „arm-elf-gcc.exe“ and click on the button „End Process“.

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Q5: If I try to launch a debugging session the following error message appears.

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A5: The CARME-Kit has an internal debugger (connected with USB) and a JTAG interface. There is a switch (USB<JTAG>DIR red box in picture below) which selects the debugger interface. This Switch must be set to the left hand side (for internal debugger).

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Hardware Issues

Please contact Jürgen Schüpbach T204 (Burgdorf Tiergarten) or Martin Mühlemann HG202 (Biel) if your CARME-Kit is out of order.

Solution not fount

If your question is not answered by this FAQ, you can ask it on the CARME Mailing List